Set your sights high, the higher the better. Expect the most wonderful things to happen, not in the future but right now.


Accelerated Employment offers many years of experience developing employment opportunities for people with diverse backgrounds, interests and abilities. We offer a TEAM APPROACH to the job development process - believing that the most important participant is you! We offer the industry expertise, knowledge of local labor market trends, and employment contracts to help you reach your goal. You, our customer will be provided with the tools, guidance, and support necessary for you to dare to dream, soar high and reach your goal.

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how we can help you

  • Resume, cover letter, reference page, mock application, assistance with Job Center of Wisconsin account and development strategies.

  • Interviewing technique training, including how to effectively manage questions regarding a disability, legal issue, or accommodation, and one to one interview preparation.

  • Pre and post interview follow up with potential employers to address employment related obstacles and interview feedback.

  • Transitional services between high school and post-school activities including post-secondary education and/or the workforce.

  • Soft skill and interpersonal skill training from the employer's perspective.

  • Application "do's and don'ts".


  • Negotiations of On the Job Training and Internship / Temporary Work Experience programs for real life learning opportunities.


  • Facilitation of hiring incentives for employers through state and federal initiatives.


  • On the job support during the early stages of employment to ensure successful acquisition of job skills and an understanding of the workplace culture.


  • Follow up support for a minimum of 90 days after starting employment to ensure a successful transition to the workforce.


  • Referral to community resources to assist with non-vocational related issues.

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Job Preparation

Accelerated Employment will work with you with a hands on approach to create a plan for employment.  We will discuss your needs and goals to ensure that you are successful on the job.  We will  meet on a weekly basis discussing and preparing you for the workforce.  We will tackle topics such as interviewing skills, application do's and don'ts, the importance of soft skills, as well as many other beneficial strategies needed to be successful.  During job preparation we will create a professional resume, cover letter and reference page that will allow you to stand out among other candidates.  

Job Development

Our team strives in finding employment that meets your needs! Our team will continue to work with you on a weekly basis until you have successfully found employment.  We will help provide the training needed to successfully apply for jobs via online and in person.  We will use the progress you have made over the job preparation phase to properly advocate your abilities to local employers. Accelerated Employment has a positive rapport with companies of many industries!

Job Retention

Our team will work with you for a minimum of 90 days to ensure that you have a smooth transition into employment. We are there to assist with questions or concerns you may have on the job and to provide feedback from the employer to make sure you are reaching your goals.  Accelerated Employment has a customized soft skill curriculum that is only offered to our consumers and has been proven to give our consumers a competitive advantage in the workforce.

Soft Skills for Students

Accelerated Employment has a soft skill curriculum that is unique to our consumer base.  It is designed to teach students the needed soft skills required to achieve success in the workforce that they may not have learned in school.  Our versatile staff is able to easily relate to students to encourage creative solutions for their employment needs. Our curriculum is taught with an effective hands-on approach with several activities that encourage students to challenge themselves and to grow as young professionals. Our curriculum is tailored to you specifically and has proven to be successful. 

Job Shadow

A Job Shadow can serve several purposes.  A Job shadow is commonly used for career exploration and is very popular with high school students who are unsure as to what path they want to take.  Job Shadows are often times used with Adults who have several questions or concerns of whether or not a specific career would be a good fit for them.  A job shadow will allow the opportunity for one-on-one interaction with the employer and the opportunity to ask questions, tour the facility, and get a feel for the type of work environment your desired career entails. Job Shadows can be accompanied (our staff is present) or unaccompanied (you and the employer).  

Temporary Work Experience (TWE)

A Temporary Work Experience (TWE) is a great option for individuals with little to no previous work experience or for individuals who are unsure as to the severity of their physical restraints.  A TWE may also be used for individuals who are trying to gauge work tolerance or career exploration. A TWE allows consumers to gain experience and an understanding of employers expectations with a hands on approach in the workforce.  With the right tools/resources, A TWE often times leads to permanent employment. 

On The Job Training (OJT)

On the Job Training can be offered to both students (YOJT) and adults.  This program allows our consumers to experience a job that they do not have previous experience in. This program is perfect for High School Seniors who are looking to enter the workforce; however, do not feel as if they have the skills or proper training to obtain and be successful on the job.    This program is also beneficial for individuals who are looking to make a switch in their career path; however, are nervous to take the leap on their own.

On the Job Assessment (OJA)

An OJA is a faster way to asses work tolerance and to obtain a glimpse of what a specific industry may entail.  A OJA has a maximum length of 10 days and is perfect for those with little work experience and unsure of their career path.  Accelerated Employment will closely monitor your progress based on the feedback received by both you and the employer. We will take appropriate measures to ensure we can apply the given feedback to your future employment.

Systematic Instruction (Job Coaching)

This is a great tool for individuals who have found employment or are doing a Temporary Work Experience (TWE) and need additional supports on the job.  Systematic Instruction/Job Coaching is used to provide a more gradual transition into employment and to allow the individual to learn their daily tasks more effectively.  Our staff will work with you one-on-one to ensure that you are properly learning your tasks, and meeting employer expectations.  We are able to assist you with tasks such as how to punch in/out, how to ask off from work, communicating with management etc.. We are able to assist with accommodations that may be necessary for you to learn your job responsibilities such as making customized charts/lists or provide demonstrations. As you become more comfortable on the job and become more independent we are able to fade out so that you are able to transition into natural supports. 

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