• Resume, cover letter, reference page, mock application, assistance with Job Center of Wisconsin account and development strategies.

  • Interviewing technique training, including how to effectively manage questions regarding a disability, legal issue, or accommodation, and one to one interview preparation.

  • Pre and post interview follow up with potential employers to address employment related obstacles and interview feedback.

  • Transitional services between high school and post-school activities including post-secondary education and/or the workforce.

  • Soft skill and interpersonal skill training from the employer's perspective.

  • Application "do's and don'ts".


  • Negotiations of On the Job Training and Internship / Temporary Work Experience programs for real life learning opportunities.


  • Facilitation of hiring incentives for employers through state and federal initiatives.


  • On the job support during the early stages of employment to ensure successful acquisition of job skills and an understanding of the workplace culture.


  • Follow up support for a minimum of 90 days after starting employment to ensure a successful transition to the workforce.


  • Referral to community resources to assist with non-vocational related issues.


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